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Professional Societies



FrontlineCo offers proven experience in helping professional societies grow to become leaders in their fields of work, study and industry. We work with these organizations to harness the collective power of individual professionals, helping them advance their society’s interests and their profession’s integrity.

We have a proven track record of helping them develop top-notch continuing education programs, host outstanding conferences, leverage technology to improve member experience, and effectively represent their members before legislators and regulators.

As a trusted partner, we help professional societies effectively manage and leverage data of all kinds, forge coalitions and partnerships with other organizations, enhance their financial position, and chart a course for their future.  Our attention to detail frees board members to focus on the big picture – delivering on their missions.

If you are a professional society leader looking for help managing your organization, need to fill a temporary or permanent staffing need, or just want advice about options for taking the next step, we invite you to contact us at

Consider these unsolicited testimonials from our clients:

“I cannot properly express to you how appreciative we are of the job you are doing.  Your attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and overall positive team approach is remarkable.  Great job.”

“Thanks again for proving that the best decision we ever made was to choose Frontline as our management company.”

We help with:

  • Financial Management
  • Research & Innovation
  • Social Media & Communications
  • Data & Technology
  • Member Service
  • Publications & Design
  • Meetings & Events
  • Connecting Future Members