10 Tips for Better Board Meetings

Having sat through hundreds of board and committee meetings at this point, we think a lot about what contributes to a positive board meeting experience for board members and staff alike. Here is our list: 1.    Unless your organization is going through some tremendous upheaval that necessitates monthly or more frequent meetings, limit full board […]

Perfecting Your Processes for Prime Performance

Technology can be a wonderful thing–when used correctly. Tech tools empower your association to communicate efficiently and share information effectively. But all too often, disconnects exist among your technology and information systems. That can lead to annoying, frustrating, and even costly problems. Imagine your membership software isn’t syncing up with your accounting program. Or, the […]

3 Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From Business

Nonprofits by default are conditioned to think of themselves as anything but a business. Money is always tight, you are always looking for funding and you always need more. Unfortunately, as good-intentioned as it might be, this mindset is not sustainable within today’s consumer marketplace. Thanks to the internet, there is more information, choice, and […]

Speak Up in Meetings—Your Association Needs You

Board meetings function best when everyone contributes. However, that doesn’t always happen. Take a moment to think about why you don’t raise your hand. Do you fear you might ruffle a few feathers? Are there outspoken people dominating the conversation? Are you simply on the shy side? Regardless of your reason for holding back, it’s […]

What to Ask Before You Book: A Fast and Awesome Guide to Hiring the Right Speaker

If you’re getting ready to start the sometimes daunting process of selecting a speaker for your stage, you’re undoubtedly aware of the tidal wave of details that need to be addressed to get the right person for the job. If you don’t have experience in this field, you’re more than likely enjoying the thrill of […]

Selecting Great Staff Starts at the Top

Having the right people in place can make or break your association. You need staff members who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. Without those qualities, your association can’t thrive. The key piece of your personnel puzzle: the chief staff officer. Many feel this person needs deep knowledge of the industry. But what will likely serve […]

Create a Plan, then Plan to Use It

A strategic plan should serve as a road map for your association. The document can be in whatever format works best for your organization. Regardless of the format or length, it should establish direction and lead to future growth. Used correctly, it can be an invaluable resource. There’s just one problem too many organizations face. […]

Advocacy 101: How to Create an Effective Government Relations Coalition

Part two of a three-part series In the first blog in this three-blog series, we discussed the importance of advocacy with both federal and state governments as a key benefit your organization provides members. We looked at ways to quickly build an outreach program that taps the resources you have in place. Now let’s turn our attention […]

Make The Most of Your Event Budget: Three Questions To Ask

Association conferences, seminars, and experiences are some of the biggest benefits your organization provides its members. Here’s where you face a huge challenge: how do you make your events cost-effective while balancing value to your members? It’s a tightrope act. On the one hand, you’re charged with delivering an event that makes it worthwhile for […]