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Our clients rely on our decades of experience in association management to help them effectively manage their governance processes. 

Our team consists of skilled professionals dedicated to enhancing your association's Board operations.

Our goal is a rewarding and productive board experience. We help with the bylaws, policy manuals, board orientation, strategic planning, and processes your board needs to operate efficiently and effectively. 

Where Vision Meets Execution

Strategic Direction

Continuous support to keep associations aligned to their Strategic Direction.

Adaptable to Changes

Ensure association and leadership remain adaptable and responsive to industry changes.

Focused Leadership

Expert guidance to develop effective strategic plans while ensuring organizations on track with their strategic direction.

Member Needs

Aligned goals with member needs and expectations.

We Offer:

Strategic Planning  Bylaws  Policy Manuals  Board Orientation  Board Training  Leader engagement 

We Offer:

Strategic Planning  Bylaws  Policy Manuals  Board Orientation  Board Training  Leader engagement 

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Case Studies

Careful financial management for one client resulted in a doubling of their annual net revenues in less than two years. We created operational efficiencies, improved service and delivered expanded programming, all while enhancing the bottom line.
An organization sought our help to address growing member dissatisfaction about the lack of access to live staff support. We assessed the types, frequency, and timing of member inquiries and developed several ways to address the concerns, including providing live staff support during business hours, developing FAQs for staff, and making information easier to locate on the website.
Sweeping Improvements
We’ve led multiple board modernization processes, revamping bylaws and policy manuals and updating procedures and processes that help board members effectively manage their roles. We keep abreast of legal and regulatory changes to ensure our clients are always compliant. For one client, we developed a new certification program that met its annual budget goal within the first 30 days. We helped them navigate complex issues associated with intellectual property to ensure that their innovative program remains the industry leader.

Hear What Others Say

I am so grateful we chose Frontline. I've been on the board now for a total of 10 years and it is the best decision I ever made as a board member. I can't say enough good things about the entire staff of Frontline. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Under your leadership, we have become an effective voice in our industry.