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FLCO Ed makes it easy to comply with state and federal regulations. Manage all employees’ certificates on our easy-to-use platform.

Affordable. Accessible. Trackable.
Get Compliant with Mandated Trainings.

Employers in Illinois and Chicago must provide employees with annual regulatory trainings. As your company grows, maintaining and managing certificates for each employee can become overwhelming. Luckily, companies can now use the FLCO Ed platform to ensure their business is compliant! Our robust education program was created in response to the common complaints we heard from Illinois business leaders that new regulatory requirements are difficult to complete and stressful to track over time.

Regulatory Peace of Mind


A variety of pricing options are available based on organization size.

Easy to use

Courses are provided in video format with an online quiz.


Web-based and accessible on any device with English and Spanish options available.

Simple to track

FLCOEd automatically retains records that administrators can access at any time — an especially helpful feature during a compliance audit.

Get Access to the Following Standardized Trainings

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Audit-Ready: Illinois Mandated Training Simplified

We provide all Illinois mandated training courses and manage all employees’ certificates on our intuitive, easy to use online learning management software. Our online platform helps employers cost-effectively meet training requirements AND retain access to records 24/7 in the event of a compliance audit – all for one low price. Companies often struggle to provide training to all employees in an efficient and timely manner. While this can be done in-house, we make the process as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Enroll Your Business Today

Employers subscribe annually and pay a single flat fee based on the number of employees. There are no additional costs beyond the annual subscription, and all our courses are included.

Up to 100 employees:

$ 299 Year

101-250 employees:

$ 399 Year

251-500 employees:

$ 499 Year

501-1,000 employees:

$ 599 Year


Read our FAQ for more information regarding FLCOEd.