3 Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From Business

Nonprofits by default are conditioned to think of themselves as anything but a business. Money is always tight, you are always looking for funding and you always need more. Unfortunately, as good-intentioned as it might be, this mindset is not sustainable within today’s consumer marketplace. Thanks to the internet, there is more information, choice, and […]

Create a Plan, then Plan to Use It

A strategic plan should serve as a road map for your association. The document can be in whatever format works best for your organization. Regardless of the format or length, it should establish direction and lead to future growth. Used correctly, it can be an invaluable resource. There’s just one problem too many organizations face. […]

How to Use the Gig Economy to Your Advantage

Uber, Doordash, Fiverr… what does your organization have in common with these businesses? They all benefit from the emerging gig economy. And the good news is that your association, too, is in a position to take advantage of this opportunity. The evolving employment marketplace is now flooded with so-called “gig” workers, who are defined as […]

“To Live and Deliver Wow”: Lessons from a Visit to Zappos HQ

Kim Robinson, FrontlineCo Founder and President, had a great opportunity to spend the day at Zappos – a true innovator in customer service. As they put it, “We’re a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes, clothes, and stuff.” They have focused on a strong culture based on ten core values that permeate […]