By Courtney Adams.

When better to think about the broad scope of America’s Pastime than during the All-Star break. Players from different teams come together for the love of the game, and play with their bitter league rivals rather than against them. Things are exciting and unexpected—particularly the home run derby that even a rookie can walk away from victorious.

But after the festivities of the All-Star game are over and everyone returns to their home fields, players are returning home to a team that’s looking to settle down and focus before the trade deadline, and are hopefully looking toward a wild card race, division and league championships, and possibly even a World Series berth.

None of the post-season is possible, though, without having a solid team to take you there.

The Chicago Cubs went on an 11-game winning streak after the All-Star game in 2016, and went on to win the World Series—in large part because they had a solid roster of great position players. At FrontlineCo, our “position players” focus their individual talents on helping our clients reach success.

Our team includes a few people whose focus is cross-client—our graphic designer, fiscal manager & meetings and events planner focus their specific talents on the needs of all of our clients. Our account executives tend to specialize their skills on the needs of a few clients to ensure they receive the best customer care possible.

With teamwork, anything is possible. Just like in baseball, working together is crucial in business. And as baseball season is in its prime, Frontlinians can’t help but to notice the parallel the strategy of the sport has with office life. In order to be accomplish goals, collaboration is necessary.

Summer is, for many of our clients, the off-season. Opening day is just around the corner this fall, as we ramp up to our client conferences – our championship series- in the spring. Each FrontlineCo team member will bring their best skills to the table, and will hopefully keep hitting it out of the park.