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What is the cost?

Up to 100 employees: $299/year
101-250: $399
251-500: $499
501-1000: $599


Sign up and pay by 9/30/20:
Up to 100 employees: $249/first year
101-250: $349
251-500: $449
501-1000: $549

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive an email from Frontline with instructions about where to send your employee roster, the format required and the information needed.

Then what?

Once we have uploaded your employee roster to our Moodle site, typically within 24 hours, each employee will receive an email with login information and a temporary password.  From there, they are able to take the training at their own pace in either a video or powerpoint format.  A series of 5 random questions at the end of the training will document their participation.  Once at least 4 of the questions are successfully answered, a certificate will be available for download.

What if they lose their certificate?

Simply log back in to the system and access the certificate again.

How often do I need to provide this training?

State law requires that employers provide this training annually to all employers. More information is available here:

How do I know this training meets the state requirements?

We have decades of experience in providing training courses that meet government requirements.  The Department of Human Rights provided very specific guidance about the content required and we relied heavily on that to create this course.  Ultimately, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the required training is provided, so we encourage you to review the requirements at:

How will I know whether my employees have participated?

Employees are instructed to provide a copy of their certificates to their employers. Additionally, each employer who signs up for this service will be able to log in to the system to see which employees have successfully completed the course.

Do I have to purchase the course every calendar year?

Employers are required to provide the course to their employees each calendar year. As new course requirements are added or amended, FrontlineCo will be updating our platform to ensure our course meets all minimum standards for any given year.

For example, if you purchased our course in December of 2020, it will only meet the requirements for the 2020 calendar year. For you to meet next year’s requirements, you will need to purchase the course again to cover you in 2021.

Still have questions? Contact FrontlineCo at 217-528-3434.

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